Summer 2020 Courses


RUSSIAN 3355.99 - Vodka in Russian Society and Culture: Deconstructing Myths

  • Online, Instructor: Derek Peterson

Vodka in Russia is important to virtually all social functions, is used as a home remedy for ailments, and is a frequent theme of jokes, folk songs, films, and literature. It also has an important political history, having long been used by the Russian (and Soviet) state as a form of social control. This course explores Russian culture and history through its most famous drink.

GE cultures and ideas and diversity global studies course.

RUSSIAN 3460.99 - Modern Russian Experience through Film

  • Online, Instructor: TBA
Exploration of some of the most revealing hopes and disappointments of Russian people presented in internationally acclaimed Russian films. Taught in English.


GE visual/performance arts and diversity global studies course.