Picture for alston.52

Ray Alston

Picture for angerman.6

Elizabeth Angerman

Picture for annus.1

Epp Annus
  • Baltic literatures and cultures
  • Soviet (post)colonialism
  • Phenomenology of Soviet everyday...

Picture for brutus.0

Jacob Beard
Ph.D. Student

Picture for brandesky.1

Joseph Brandesky
  • Russian theater and drama
  • Czech theater

Picture for brintlinger.3

Angela Brintlinger
Professor, CSEES Director, and...
  • Madness
  • Literary biography
  • Pushkin; Chekhov; Derzhavin

Picture for buquoi.2

Yuliya Buquoi
Ph.D. Student

Picture for burry.7

Alexander Burry
Associate Professor and SEEJ Associate...
  • Film adaptation
  • 19th- and 20th-century Russian lit
  • Music

Picture for cesnjevar.1

Anna Cesnjevar

Picture for collins.232

Daniel Collins
Associate Professor
  • Old Church Slavonic
  • Old Russian (linguistics and...
  • East and West Slavic linguistics

Picture for cretu.2

Andrei Cretu

Picture for delic.1

Irene Delic
Professor Emerita
  • 19th and 20th century Russian...

Philip Gleissner

Philip Gleissner
Assistant Professor
  • Soviet and Eastern European...
  • Migration studies
  • Socialist literatures

Picture for goscilo.1

Helena Goscilo
  • Visual culture
  • Gender
  • Russian folklore

Picture for gu.591

Seogyoung Gu
Ph.D. Student
  • Contemporary Russian literature...
  • Gender

Picture for hashamova.1

Yana Hashamova
Professor and Department Chair
  • Cultural studies
  • Gender and sexuality studies
  • Balkan film, literature, and media

Gary Hayward

Gary Hayward
Fiscal/HR Associate

Picture for ignatieva.1

Maria Ignatieva
  • Russian and Soviet theater

Picture for isurin.1

Ludmila Isurin
  • Psycholinguistics and bilingualism...
  • First language attrition
  • Second language acquisition

Picture for johnson.60

Mary-Allen (Pasha) Johnson
Associate Professor and Curator of...

Picture for joseph.1

Brian Joseph
Distinguished University Professor of...
  • Language contact
  • Balkan linguistics
  • Greek linguistics

Picture for kamenchuk.1

Olga Kamenchuk
Associate Professor, Clinical
  • political psychology
  • public diplomacy
  • public opinion

Picture for kim.6940

Viktoriia Kim
Ph.D. Student
  • Second Language Acqusition
  • Linguistic Relativity

Picture for kotol.1

Katie Kotol
Fiscal/HR Manager
  • Human Resouces
  • Payroll
  • Departmental Budget

Picture for lechintan.1

Adela Lechintan-Siefer
  • French-language cinema and...
  • Romanian language and cinema
  • Teaching visual texts

Picture for lin.3183

Alisa Ballard Lin
Assistant Professor
  • Theater and performance studies
  • Russian literature and philosophy
  • Modernism

Picture for brutus.0

Ke Lin
M.A. Student

Picture for matejic.1

Predrag Matejic
Director of the Resource Center for...

Picture for mcbean.4

Elizabeth McBean
M.A. Student

Picture for mcvey.23

David McVey
Senior Lecturer

Picture for melnikova.1

Tatiana Melnikova
Ph.D. Student
  • History of design and visual...
  • History of Cyrillic

Picture for myers.1107

Elena Myers
Senior Lecturer

Picture for pashkova.1

Marina Pashkova
  • Russian Individualized Instruction...
  • Language curriculum development
  • Russian language

Picture for peterson.636

Derek Peterson
Academic Program Coordinator
  • Graduate admissions
  • Scheduling, enrollment, grades
  • Department administrative...

Picture for ray.603

Sean Ray
SEEJ Assistant Editor

Picture for rowe.218

Randall Rowe
Ph.D. Student
  • Cultural studies
  • Gender and sexuality studies
  • Russian and Polish literature,...

Picture for sims.120

Andrea Sims
Associate Professor
  • Morphology
  • Emergent properties of...
  • South Slavic / Russian linguistics

Picture for spencer.4

Andrew Spencer
Undergraduate Advising Coordinator
  • Extracurricular opportunities
  • Major & minor requirements
  • Undergraduate advising

Picture for stepanova.1

Larysa Stepanova
Language Program Coordinator
  • GTA training and supervision
  • Language pedagogy
  • Russian language proficiency...

Picture for suchland.15

Jennifer Suchland
Associate Professor and Undergraduate...
  • Law & Cultural Studies
  • Critical Human Rights
  • Critical Theory

Picture for brutus.0

Ekaterina Tikhonyuk
M.A. Student

Picture for wilson.3134

Hope Wilson
Ph.D. Student
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Study abroad
  • Pragmatic acquisition

Picture for wolski-moskoff.1

Izolda Wolski-Moskoff
  • Polish Language
  • Polish as a Heritage Language
  • Second Language Pedagogy

Anna Zaitseva

Anna Zaitseva
Ph.D. Student
  • Second language acquisition and...
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Cultural studies