Language Courses

Need to fulfill the GE language requirement? Looking to get off the beaten path and take something interesting? (No offense, Spanish.) We regularly offer five years of instruction in Russian language, and two years of instruction in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian, Polish, and Romanian (By taking Romanian 1101 and 1111, the GE language requirement can be finished in two semesters!). First- and second-year Czech, Hungarian, and Georgian are offered less regularly. Other languages, such as Albanian and Old Church Slavonic, are offered as reading courses at the graduate level. (The reading courses are also open to undergraduates with appropriate academic backgrounds, at the instructor's discretion.)

Many of these languages are in demand in such fields as business, government, law, education and journalism, and students find their language skills to be directly relevant to the job market. Language study is also a great way to explore other cultures.

Use the links on the right to see the course offerings for each language.

Semester Conversion

If you have taken one or more language courses at OSU and want to continue the language sequence after the university's conversion to semesters (Summer 2012), please use the transition plan for language classes[.pdf] to identify the right course to enroll in. The information listed is for Russian, but the same course numbers are used for the other languages that we teach, so this guide can be used for all of the languages listed on the right.

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