Student Clubs

The Ohio State University has numerous clubs that meet as a way for students to connect and share interests with fellow students, faculty, and members of the community. The Ohio Union at OSU has a directory which lists all OSU affliated groups and student organizations on campus, which can be accessed on the Ohio Union Student Organizations website.

Below are some of the student clubs pertaining to Slavic and Eastern European interests:

Bulgarska Roza

Bulgarska Roza (BGR) is a non-profit, voluntary organization, created in the spirit of Bulgarian culture that unites the Bulgarian students at the Ohio State University. BGR aims to provide a social and cultural ground for Bulgarian students, the Bulgarian community in Columbus, and anyone interested in learning about the Bulgarian traditions and language. For more information about BGR and to get involved, email the Bulgarska Roza or visit their Facebook.

Polish Club

The Polish Club was established in 2008 by the students at OSU to promote and celebrate Polish culture. There are several exciting events that the Polish Club is involved with, including Taste of OSU, Slavic Club volleyball tournaments, and more! Contact the Polish Club by email or visit their website for additional information. 

Russian Club

The Russian Club meets regularly and hosts a number of events, including speakers, film nights, food nights, and trips to important cultural locations. For more information on how to get involved in the Russian Club, please contact the Russian Club or visit their website

Slovenian Buckeye Society

Slovenian Buckeye Society strives to teach their members Slovenian traditions, make new friends, and learn about other ethnic clubs when possible. Although only established a few years ago, they have grown in their club membership, but happily extend their membership to any person who is interested in Slovenian culture. For more information or to view upcoming events the Slovenian Buckeye Society is hosting, please email the Slovenian Buckeye Society or visit their website.

The Ukrainian Society

The Ukrainian Society of The Ohio State University strives to provide an opportunity for students to express their Ukrainian heritage and increase awareness of Ukraine. The Ukrainian Society meets year round and participates in campus events like Taste of OSU as well as organizes their own activities. For more information about upcoming events and memberships, please email the Ukrainian Society or visit their website.