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Online Russian Language Courses

Online Russian language courses (notated by the .61 suffix) are modeled after the in-person self-paced courses taught at the Ohio State main campus. In self-paced study, students work independently using specially-designed self-instructional materials, and proceed at their own speed. At the end of each unit, the student meets virtually through Carmen with a trained instructor for a homework check, conversation practice, and oral exam. These meetings help keep the student on track, and ensure that the student is progressing in his/her knowledge of Russian.

Students earn credit one semester hour at a time. As soon as the student passes a unit test at a grade of 80% or better, they are permitted to go on to the next unit. Unit grades accumulate to form the semester grade. A student may earn from 1 to 4 credit hours in a semester. Russian 1101-2104 (1st semester through 4th semester) are currently offered online.

For questions concerning the curriculum of online Russian courses, please contact Dr. Larysa Stepanova.

If you are not an Ohio State student or staff member, please contact Extended Education at Ohio State for information on enrolling in the course.