News and Scholarship Opportunities for Majors and Minors

Below are opportunities that are relevant to Slavic Department majors and minors. We'll also keep reminders for important deadlines here at the top of the page.


March 15 is the deadline for the Office of International Affairs International Research and Scholarship Grants.

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Do you want to study abroad in Eastern or Central Europe? Improve your language skills? Get involved with research on Slavic languages and cultures? Present your research at a conference?
Students with strong academic records who want to enhance their education in these ways are encouraged to apply for grants and fellowships.
There are a number of grants and fellowships that are open to undergraduate students and of relevance to Russian majors/minors and Slavic & East European minors. The following is not intended to be a complete list. Students who are interested in being considered for a scholarship should contact the Department's Undergraduate Studies Chair or their advisor.

Slavic Department Awards


Dr. Miriam G. Schwartz Slavic Award

This fund was established April 4, 2008, with gifts from Dr. Miriam G. Schwartz through the Miriam & Stanley Schwartz Jr. Philanthropic Foundation. It is used to provide merit-based scholarship support for undergraduate students who have declared a major in Russian language, literature, culture, or linguistics. To be considered, students must be at least junior status and have a minimum GPA of 3.5. Graduate students may also be considered.


Talvi Endowment Award

The Talvi fund awards grants to undergraduate and graduate students for research, service and teaching activities related to Slavic and East European languages, linguistics, literatures, and cultures.


Uprka-Laga-Schweitzer Award in Czech Studies

The Uprka-Laga-Schweitzer fund is used to defray the cost of tuition and other program expenses for undergraduate and graduate students studying Czech language and/or Czech culture in the Czech Republic (specifically the Moravia regions).


Radley M&P Scholarship Award

This fund supports undergraduate students majoring in Russian. Areas supported include study abroad projects, student research project support, partial tuition support and internships in Russia.


Luczkowski-Habash Award for Polish Studies

This fund was established on August 28, 2015, with gifts from Jean Luczkowski and Stephen Habash to support undergraduate and graduate students through scholarships and study abroad awards in the field of Polish Studies.


Slavic Professionalization Award

Through the generosity of the Slavic Advisory Council, this award supports students who have received an internship or participating in another professional development activity.

Fellowships and Grants at OSU

College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships and Grants Visit the College of Arts and Sciences' website for an up-to-date listing on scholarships and grants provided by the college.

Title VI Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship Funding for summer language programs and the academic year -- Russian at the advanced level; other funded languages at the intermediate level or above.

Holbrook Research Abroad Fellowship Up to $3500 to provide highly motivated students in any field of study with the opportunity to carry out an independent research project in a foreign country with the guidance of an OSU faculty member.

Huntington International Fellowship Funding for sophomores and juniors studying a foreign language and with an interest in international business to enhance their fluency in the language through study abroad. Study abroad period can vary. Must have already completed two years of language study.

International Research Grants for Undergraduates in the Arts and Sciences Up to $4000 in funding for undergraduate research that has an international component. The money can be used for research data collection in an international setting or for international travel to a conference where the student will be presenting research. Students can apply directly or faculty can apply to support an undergraduate student.

Melton Undergraduate Travel and Research Grants in Jewish Studies Up to $500 for travel to an academic conference, or for research expenses related to a major project in Jewish studies.

University Honors & Scholars Center Small Grants Program Up to $300 to assist honors students who are candidates for graduation with distinction who have specific research needs not covered by any other assistance.

Summer Honors Research Scholarships Up to $3500 to give especially promising honors sophomores and juniors the opportunity to enhance the quality of their senior Honors Research Projects. Selected students spent 40  hours/week doing research for 8 weeks during the summer.

Undergraduate Research Scholarship From $500 to $9000 in funding to undergraduates in the Arts and Sciences who are undertaking significant research projects. Applicants must be (at least) juniors; preference is given to students who are candidates for graduation with research distinction.

Undergraduate Research Office Summer Research Fellowships Up to $3500 to provide highly motivated students in any field of study with the opportunity to carry out an independent research project with an OSU faculty member.

Undergraduate Student Government Enrichment Grants Up to $1200 is available for students of all undergraduate majors and can be utilized for a variety of purposes, including, but not limited to, research, creative work, and professional development.

Summer 2022: 

CLLC 3301.01S - 10   Intercultural Competence for Global Citizenship - Four-week Session 1
This course is preparation for teaching in the one-week summer camp for middle school students. Students will learn the theories, skills and techniques involved in teaching their area of expertise as it relates to intercultural competence and will prepare the teaching materials that they will use in the summer camp. Students are also required to enroll in 3301.02S.

Prereq: A grade of B or above in a 2000-level world language course. Not open to students with credit for 2302S or 3302S. This course is progress graded. GE service learning course.
CLLC 3301.02S - 10   Intercultural Competence for Global Citizenship Summer Camp - Four-week Session 2
Students will participate as assistants and instructors in a one-week summer camp for middle school students. Students will assist with the running of the camp, teach their area of expertise as it relates to intercultural competence and organize and teach an international game.
Prereq: 3301.01S. Not open to students with credit for 2302S or 3302S. GE service learning course.
Russian 2250.99 – Masterpieces of Russian Literature (100% Online) – Six-week Session 1
Slavic 2230.99 – Vampires, Monstrosity, and Evil: From Slavic Myth to Twilight (100% Online) – Six-week Session 1

Autumn 2022:


Slavic 2345 – Introduction to Slavic Literature and Culture

WF 11:10AM-12:30PM
On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded the sovereign nation of Ukraine, rousing the world’s attention to the culture of this vibrant, multiethnic European country of 44 million inhabitants. This course will introduce students to the culture, film, literature, and history of Ukraine. Special emphasis will be placed on analyzing contemporary Ukrainian movies, poetry, novels, and social media that reflect on the war with Russia (which began with military intervention in 2014) and on the nationhood, politics, and identity of the Ukrainian people. All materials will be in English.
Russian 5250.04 – Nabokov
Wednesdays 2:15-5:00PM
This course will cover several of Vladimir Nabokov's major works in their cultural, biographical, philosophical, and aesthetic context. Some students will be more familiar with the Russian literary tradition on which Nabokov richly draws, and others will be less familiar. Either is completely fine, as sufficient context will be provided in class and in optional background readings.