Sample Plans of Study


PhD students follow an "integrated" graduate curriculum, and students entering with a B.A. proceed through their first two years taking two courses each in linguistics, literary studies, film, and second language acquisition. Coterminous with and after the so-called 2/2/2/2 program is completed, students focus on coursework and research relevant to their concentration.

All three concentrations (Slavic literature, culture, and film; linguistics; and second language acquisition) follow a trajectory similar to the one laid out below. In addition to the course load, students will also sign up for graduate student-led fora, teaching team meetings, language maintenance, and independent study (as needed).

Sample 5-Year Student Plan
Year 1:   2-3 courses per term; Slavic 7801
Year 2:   2-3 courses per term; concentration milestone (portfolio, exam, or paper), Russian proficiency exam (if not completed in year 1)
Year 3:   2-3 courses per term
Year 4:   1-2 courses; PhD Candidacy Exam; Dissertation research hours
Year 5:   Dissertation research hours; Dissertation Defense