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About Dobro Slovo

A campus chapter of Dobro Slovo was established at Berkeley on Oct 29, 1926, to recognize academic excellence among Slavic students.  In 1963, the National Slavic Honor Society – Dobro Slovo – was founded with the help and encouragement of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages (AATSEEL).  The Society serves as a means for the recognition of academic excellence in the study of Slavic languages and literatures and provides incentive for scholarly interest in Slavic life and culture.  The Society was patterned after existing honorary organizations in other fields.  Since 1963, Dobro Slovo has steadily grown to be an internationally recognized academic Honor Society with a distinguished membership.


Dobro Slovo Key

The Dobro Slovo Key: The name of the society is represented by the two glagolitic letters, Dobro (on the upper left corner of the key), which means "beautiful," and Slovo (on the lower right corner), which means "word." The firebird (zharptitsa), a well-known figure from Slavic folk tales, appears on the upper right corner of the key, representing the ancient roots of Slavic culture. The lower left corner of the key, designed to look like a page about to be turned, represents the ongoing search through books and manuscripts in pursuit of greater understanding Slavic Language, Literature, and Culture.



There are three classes of membership: student, faculty and honorary. Members may be chosen from both undergraduate and graduate students and from the faculty of the local institution.

Qualifications for student membership are:

  1. The student must have completed two years (or equivalent) of study of Slavic languages, literature, culture, or related subjects with a minimum average grade of 85% (B) or its letter or point equivalent.
  2. The minimum overall academic average should be 80% (B) or its letter or point equivalent
  3. The student must indicate an active and continuing interest in Slavic languages, literature, culture or related fields of Slavic studies.

The Chapter Faculty Advisor is responsible for determining the eligibility of all candidates.

Members Receive…

  • National recognition for academic excellence
  • Personalized Membership Card
  • 8 ½ x 11 Membership Certificate (suitable for framing)
  • A Dobro Slovo Society Key


To learn more about Dobro Slovo at OSU, please contact Joe Ernst (Ernst.150).

Recently Inducted Members 

Every year at our annual Spring Tea, the new members are inducted into the Dobro Slovo National Honor Society. Recently inducted members include:


Robby Creed
Gabbie Fisher
Kira Foster
Alex Grosman
Sarah Hohman
Alina Marko


Rachel Hutchison
Nancy Pellegrino
Andreja Ruzic
Alejandra Schwarz
Bailee Wolfe
William Zadesky


Madeline Carek
Johnna Coffin
Laureen Etzkorn
Peri Forbes
Helen McHenry
Annie O'Friel
Maylai Stewart


Jacob Allison
Cory Bargemann
Isabella Caruso
Alan Grinberg
Hayden Hayes
Nikola Kurbatfinski
Kristie Lam
Elizabeth McBean
Erin Patrick
Joe Sullivan


Frank Albanese III
George Andrei
Chelsea Chang
Mera Cronbaugh
Kyle Erickson
Logan Feussner
Mary MacDonald
Michelle McKenzie
Rebecca Slavik
Kelila Thomsen
Sydnee Wilke
Alex Yavornitzky
Yanling Zeng


Cameron Armstrong
Rowan Croswell
Matthew Duncan
Andrew Elliot
Kassandra Graziani
Emily Rees
Kathryn Ryan
Katie Sarchenko


Rebekah Abel
Maryam Bainazar
Matthew Ellis
Thomas Feerick
Caleb Herrmann
Taylor Sirch


Lindsey Korte
DeAnna Miller
Jared Palazza
Todd Testerman
Tyler Tomaszewski


Ian Barlow
Morgan Freisthler
Jon Harris
Thomas Nitz
Ryan Perkins
Hope Wilson


Anthony Adame
Caroline Chimchenko
Christina Green
Brooke Mangiarelli


Anthony Adame
Eric Baize
Kelly Bryant
Ross Martin
Derek Peterson
Kristen Scudieri
Taylor White
Ciarra Wooten


Jacob Foskuhl
Sara Garrett
Elizabeth Gribble
Adam Housh
Kaylan Lewin
Logan Meinzer
C. Aira Murria
Timothy Sroka


Andrew Atkins
J. Curtis Drummond
Trisha Freeman
Lisa Goddard
Eileen Kunkler
Jasmine Lin
Jordan Peters
Emma Pratt


Andrew Korybko
Kathleen Manukyan
Zoran Panjak


Justin Cade
Sarah Gange
Maggie Gruszczynska
Kirk Jorgensen
Matthew Lakes
Brian Martin
Natalie Mauser-Carter
Lauren Ressue
July Starzynski


Ryan Brink
Bryan Brookes
Sarah Germak
Daniel Gray
Thomas Haid
Andrei Kluczarov
Jeanette Sheppa
Mark Soderstrom
Nicholas Starvaggi
Brian Stout
Susan Vdovichenko
Kelsey Willingham


Irina Boyarintseva
Ellen Bunker
Thaddeus Fortney
Denise Hunter
Sara Lowry
Gayane Makaryan
David Mudrauskas
Lauren Ovchinnikov
Daniela Sefz
Oxana Skorniakova
Sylena Smith
April Stines
Ryan Walker
Jason Willer
Sarah Wilson
Gary Wright