Study Abroad

Students in The Department for Slavic and East European Languages and Literatures have many options for travelling and studying abroad. All terms abroad are offered through the Office of Study Abroad.

Programs through Ohio State

Russian Culture and Society Program - St. Petersburg, Moscow, Russia

The Russian Culture and Society Program is a continuation of the GE course Russian 2335: Russian Culture, to be offered by the Department during the Spring Semester. During that semester, the class will learn about modern Russian culture and society in historical and political context. Immediately following Spring Semester exams, the students, guided by the Russian 2335 instructor and resident director, will travel to St. Petersburg and Moscow for approximately 10 days to experience everyday life and to visit sites of major artistic, cultural, and historical importance at one of the most beautiful times of the year -- the famed White Nights of early summer.

Global May Hungary & Poland Program - Budapest, Hungary and Warsaw, Poland

This program introduces students to the rich cultural and social tapestry of Hungary and Central Europe by taking them beyond more common portrayals of the region and providing first-hand, authentic experiences with the local people and culture of Hungary and Poland. Through dynamic academic experiences and rich cultural immersion students will develop an understanding of the region's history, geography, and politics along with a keen knowledge of major cultural and media elements of Budapest and Warsaw.

While in Hungary, students will participate in multiple walking tours of Budapest, visit Tilos Radio studios, meet with people working in politics and media, and travel to many culturally important sights and cities such as Szentendre, Visegrad Castle, and Eger. Students will also spend 4 days in Warsaw, Poland where they will visit a leading Polish newspaper - Gazeta Wyborcza, a sports broadcasting studio, meet the Polish National Press Secretary, and participate in walking tours of Old Town and the site of the Warsaw Ghetto.

Czech Scholars Program - Prague and Brno, Czech Republic

This faculty-led spring break 2018 program is open to all Scholars students. Admitted students will take Slavic 2345, Introduction to Eastern European Literature and Culture, at OSU in spring 2018 and travel to Czech Republic over spring break. The interdisciplinary program is focused on the life of Eastern Europe as it has changed through the rise and fall of political regimes, the re-negotiation of national borders and cultural identity, and the pressures and opportunities of diversity and globalization. Students will study the literary, cinematic, architectural, and artistic legacy of the region alongside its politics, history, and economics. Applications are due October 1, 2017. For more information, see:

Third Party Programs Supported by Ohio State

American Councils Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Programs (RLASP)

The American Councils Advanced Russian Language and Area Studies Programs (RLASP) is designed to maximize linguistic and cultural immersion in Russian society. The academic program is designed to improve participants' oral, listening, reading and writing proficiency in Russian language and to develop their knowledge of Russian history, politics, culture and society. The academic year, semester and summer programs provide approximately 20 hours per week of in-class instruction in Russian grammar, phonetics, conversation and cultural studies at either Moscow International University, the Russian State Pedagogical University (Gertsen) in St. Petersburg or the KORA Center for Russian Language in Vladimir. One day per week of the academic program is set aside for local cultural excursions.

CIEE Summer Russian Language Program in St. Petersburg, Russia

CIEE's summer program in Russia is the longest running study abroad program within the country and is designed for students wishing to advance their Russian through intensive language training. The eight-week program is geared towards intermediate through advanced students and offers courses in Russian language and culture. All coursework, including content classes, will be taught in Russian. Students also participate in a rich cultural immersion program that offers homestays, extracurricular activities and excursions to places of historical and cultural significance in and around St. Petersburg.

SRAS Russian as a Second Language (Moscow or Saint-Petersburg)

Russian as a Second Language (RSL) program packages are designed for flexibility to suit almost any need or lifestyle. Choose the sprawling nation's capital of Moscow or the cultural hub of St. Petersburg. Home Stays and TORFL Testing are optionally available. With SRAS, it's all up to you.

Please visit the Office of International Affairs' website for more information about these three programs.