Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising Coordinator

The first person you should contact to find out about becoming a Russian major, Russian minor, or Slavic minor is the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator, Dr. Andrew Spencer (Dr. Spencer's office is located in 355 Hagerty Hall). The Undergraduate Advising Coordinator helps to sign up and coordinate new majors and minors with their faculty academic advisors.

Faculty Academic Advisor

Each major and minor in the department may choose her/his own academic advisor in consultation with the advising coordinator. 

All of our faculty can serve as academic advisors. Students will make appointments to see their faculty advisors regularly to plan and carry out the academic program. 

A faculty academic advisor can be an invaluable resource for the undergraduate experience, for academic advising of all kinds, and for conversations about career paths and graduate or professional school. In addition, an advisor who has had regular contact with her/his advisee can often write well-informed letters of recommendation for scholarships, study abroad, jobs and graduate programs.

Undergraduate Studies Chair

For questions about course content, substitutions for course requirements, ways that students can enhance their programs of study (through research opportunities, study abroad, internships, etc.), and similar issues, the Undergraduate Advising Coordinator may refer students to the Undergraduate Studies Chair. The Undergraduate Studies Chair also serves as the faculty academic advisor for most of the department's majors and minors.