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Undergraduate Program

The Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures is proud to offer a Russian Major, a Russian Minor, and a Minor in Slavic & East European Studies, as well as a number of courses designed to educate students of all backgrounds in this region of the world. The Slavic Department is pleased to offer instruction in many important languages of the region. These typically include Russian, Polish, Romanian, Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, Old Church Slavonic, and Czech.

Our classes are generally small by design and have direct relevance to contemporary culture and to today's job market. Student advising is an important feature of our program; faculty, staff, and graduate teaching associates are committed to enriching our undergraduate students' experience both inside and outside the classroom, and work closely with them in exploring career possibilities, arranging internships, and sponsoring a host of extra-curricular activities. We also welcome into our program "heritage students," those who acquired the knowledge of the language either through their early years in Russia and other Slavic and East European countries, or through language exposure in their family.

The Undergraduate Advising Coordinator, Undergraduate Studies Chair, and your Faculty Academic Advisor are available to help you when considering a Russian Major, a Russian Minor, or a Slavic and East European Studies Minor.

Our advisors are willing and available to help you answer any questions regarding:

The Russian Major and Minor

We invite you to explore our program in the first or second year of your studies at OSU. In addition, we support and encourage those students who would like to combine a Russian major or minor with a major in another field. Regardless of your background, Russian language and culture training will be a key part of your humanities education and an important asset in your future job search. Our graduates have found meaningful high-level positions in such fields as business, government, law, education and journalism. While you may delay your final decision with regards to majoring or minoring in Russian, your experience will be more rewarding if you proceed with it in an organized and informed manner. For more information, please browse through the links on this page, or contact the Slavic Department as early as possible in order to explore the opportunities offered by our Department!