Transfer Credit & Language Placement Exams

Credit for Language Skills Acquired Outside OSU

There are two ways to earn language course credit -- by examination (EM credit), or by transfer of course credits from another university.

If you have studied a Slavic or other East European language at the college level, you should contact the language's coordinator to arrange for transfer credit. You should not take the EM/placement exam. The list of coordinators is given below.

If you have studied a Slavic or other East European language at the pre-college level, or have otherwise acquired proficiency in a language outside of a university setting (including as a home language), you are required to take the EM/placement test prior to enrolling in a course on that language at OSU. You may not enroll at the 1101 (or other) level, instead of taking the placement test. The placement test is designed to allow you (and the department) to identify the appropriate level at which to begin language study.

Students who take the EM/placement exam may be awarded up to 16 hours of EM language course credit (the 1101-2104 courses), and they are then eligible to enroll in the language course at the next level beyond the earned credit.

You are not eligible for EM credit if you have graduated from a high school where the language of instruction is the same as the language for which EM credit is being sought. For instance, if you graduated from a Russian-speaking high school, you are not eligible for EM Russian language credit. You are also not allowed to take beginning and intermediate Russian language classes at OSU.

At least one half of the credit hours in the minor or major be credit from completed OSU coursework. This rule applies not only to transfer credit, but also to EM credit.

Coordinators for Language Placement, EM Credit, and Transfer Credit

The EM/Placement test in Russian can be taken only once per semester. Contact the Russian Coordinator for dates/times. Students must register in advance if they plan to take the Russian EM/placement exam. For all other languages, please contact the appropriate language's coordinator to make arrangements to take the EM/placement test. If you need to take a placement exam, please contact the appropriate language coordinator below.

Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian --> Larysa Stepanova
Bulgarian --> Yana Hashamova
Polish --> Larysa Stepanova
Romanian --> Adela Lechintan-Siefer
Russian --> Larysa Stepanova
Ukrainian --> Larysa Stepanova

Examination Credit and Major/Minor Requirements

Requirements for the Russian/Slavic majors and minors restrict the number of EM credits that may count toward your degree. Please consult the requirements for your major or minor.