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For Prospective OSU Students

Students are encouraged to start their coursework in the Department of Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures as soon as they begin taking classes. Typically, language courses begin with a 1101 number, most often in the Autumn semester.

We encourage all students to declare their Major or Minor as soon as they have decided to pursue one. This choice should be done in consultation with the Coordinating Advisor.

For information on requirements and the program, please visit the Undergraduate Studies section of this Web site.

Applying to the Program

Prospective Undergraduate students must all apply to the Department through the Admissions Office at Ohio State University.

Information on How to Apply.

Current OSU Students

There are many options for current Ohio State undergraduate who are interested in taking classes in the Department.

Undergraduates are encouraged to fulfill their GE requirements for their specific departments with one of the many cultural and/or literature classes offered by the Department.

Examples of these courses are:

  • Russian 2235: Modern Russian Culture
  • Russian 2250: Masterpieces of Russian Literature in Translation
  • Russian 3460: Modern Russian Experience through Film
  • Russian 3530: Russian Cuisine in History, Literature, and Culture
  • Russian 2345: Russian Fairytales and Folklore
  • Slavic 2230: Vampires, Monstrosity, and Evil
  • Slavic 2345: Introduction to Slavic and East European Literature and Culture
  • Slavic 2367: Eastern European Immigrant Experience in America
  • Slavic 3310: Science Fiction: East vs. West
  • Slavic 3360: Representations of the Other in East European Film

More details on these and other course offerings can be found here.

Students are encouraged to fulfill their language requirements with one of the many languages offered in the Department, which include: Russian, Czech, Polish, Romanian, and Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian.

Students may want to think about receiving a Major or Minor in Russian, or a Minor in Slavic & East European Languages and Cultures. Many of our Russian majors become eligible to join the OSU Chapter of the Dobro Slovo National Honor Society.

For more about these possibilities, please check out the Undergraduates Section of our Web site. Many students choose to double major with a number of other programs, including Business, History, International Studies, Political Science, among many others.

Others who do not wish to Major or Minor in the Department find that the language skills that they learn while studying with us are a very important addition to their resume and oftentimes prove necessary to students' future job prospects and/or their own professional or academic careers.


Students of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to take courses in the Department. Our most popular courses for continuing education students are those that teach basic language skills.

For a list of our current courses, please check out our Courses page or contact the Department.

Information for interested students over 60 years of age can be found at the Program 60 website of OSU Continuing Education.

All other students should go through the Office of Continuing Education.