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The 2024 Spring Talent Show "Kapustnik" Featured Fantastic Fun, Fabulous Food, and Outstanding Performances

March 29, 2024

The 2024 Spring Talent Show "Kapustnik" Featured Fantastic Fun, Fabulous Food, and Outstanding Performances

picture of the performance of a Bosnian-Serbian-Croatian song by Dr. Boyd and his students

This week saw the Slavic Spring Talent Show, also known as "Kapustnik", feature Slavic Department students showing off their creative talents. Each semester, language students at the Department are encouraged to work together to write and perform skits, sing songs, or give brief presentations in and about Slavic and East European Languages. 

Kapustnik this semester also featured a large variety of Slavic and East European treats and foodstuffs - much of it home made! Celebrating Kapustnik just isn't the same without some kvass, buterbrod, and priyaniki.

We want to thank all those who came and to those who made and brought the delicious food (including department faculty!). We also want to give a special thank you to all who performed. We are always so impressed by the passion and talent students bring to this event, whether in singing and playing instruments, giving a lecture about Eugene Onegin, or performing novel skits with classmates. See the list of performances below.

Best of luck with finals, we can hardly wait for next semester's celebration!

Program of performances:

  • Oliver Griffith (R 2250, Shubina) - "On the Pushkin's Path (Onegin Stanza)
  • Russian 1101 (with Irina Baskova) - И снова Ханна Погодкина... Со свежими новостями!
  • BCS 1102 (with Matthew Boyd) - "Hajde da putujemo! / Let's travel" 
  • BCS 2104 (with Matthew Boyd) - "BHS" (After Malena by VIS Idoli) 
  •  Joker Out Interview - Matthew Boyd 
  • Claire Kovcegov - "Бесприданница"
  • Russian 1102 (with Lilia Caserta) - "Репка"
  • Russian 1101 (with Lilia Caserta) - "В самолёте"
  •  Sophie Papp (Russian 3102, Caserta) - "Тиньков поясняет за изучение русского языка в Государственном Университете Штата Огайо" 
  • Romanian 1102 (with Adela Lechintan-Siefer) -  "Alunelu" ("Little Hazelnut") 
  • Russian 1102 (with Michelle Andreyevna) - "Мой мармеладный - Катя Лель"
  •  Sam Smith, Sophie Baldwin, Georgianna Caputo (Russian 2104, Bachman) - "Ситуация с Гарри (Situation with Harry)"
  • Ted Nagasawa (East European 5672, Collins/Joseph) - "Me and Pangur Bán" (Old Irish Reading)
  •  Russian 2144 (with Viktoriia Kim) - "Песня друзей" 
  • Aimma Farooqui (Russian 4102, Kim) - "Ландыш, ландыш белоснежный..." (Марина Цветаева) 
  • Grad Student Surprise! 

Special thanks to graduate students Kelly Gallagher and Eleanor Grazier for hosting and organizing, along with Dr. Stepanova and the faculty.