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Jeff Parker awarded Presidential Fellowship

November 24, 2014
Jeff Parker
Jeff Parker has been awarded a Presidential Fellowship for his dissertation work, titled "Inflectional complexity and lexical access: An experimental study of Russian inflectional paradigms".

Yana Hashamova teaches course at Beijing Normal University

August 15, 2014
From May 17th through 25th, Chair of the Slavic Department Prof. Yana Hashamova taught a course on the cultural representation of minorities in Russian film for the Research Center of Russian Studies at Beijing Normal University.

Students document their study abroad experience in videos

August 11, 2014
During May Term 2014, undergraduate students traveled to Hungary, Poland, and Slovakia as part of the Global May Hungary program, led by Prof. Jessie Labov (Slavic). Check out their multimedia projects about their experience abroad and what they learned.